We've asked our top partners to share some of the things they wish they knew when the started.

"Always confirm your rider's name, you don't want to pick up the wrong passenger. I ask them, 'Hi, I'm your Uber driver, what's your name please?' I always ask 'What's your name' rather than 'You're John, right?' because they could easily just say yes." - Sarah G.

"Don’t press 'Begin Trip' until passenger is in the car." - Ramon F.

"Press “Info” then “Cancel trip”. Do NOT begin and end trip! The customer will get charged the minimum fare and they'll likely give you an 1-star rating." - Mohammed S.

"I wish I knew that rejecting or cancelling a trip request does NOT hurt your star ratings, but you can lose access to your account for 24 hours if you reject or cancel more than 20% of the requests. So do not cancel a request unless you really have to." - Francis S.


How long should I wait for a rider?

We suggest that you wait for at least 5 minutes after arriving at pick-up location. If the rider gives you permission to keep waiting after 5 minutes, you may hit "begin trip" and the rider will start to get charged for the fare. Otherwise, you may cancel the trip. As long as you've waited for more than 5 minutes, you will receive the cancellation fee.

Please view the video below for more detailed suggestions on when to call a rider and when to cancel.

When is it appropriate to call a rider?

We suggest that you only contact the rider when you encounter an unexpected delay on the way to pick him or her up. This could include heavy traffic, an accident, flat tire, etc. If you have arrived at the pickup location and have not seen the rider after 1 to 2 minutes, it is then a good idea to text or call the customer to make sure they are aware of your arrival.

Please view the video below for more detailed suggestions on when to call a rider and when to cancel.

What if I'm asked to take more passengers than I can fit?

When there are too many passengers, other partners tell us that having someone in the rider's party request a second vehicle is the best solution. As an independent contractor, you are under no obligation to operate the vehicle in a manner you consider unsafe or that is illegal.

What if I forgot/unable to begin a trip on time?

Please let us know through the in-app support function following the steps below:
  1. Press the "Need Help?" button on your trip page (you may find past trips on your TRIP HISTORY page)
  2. Select "I had an issue with the fare"
  3. Tap "I didn't begin or end the trip on time"
  4. Provide us with the pick-up location
  5. Press "SUBMIT"

You should receive a response within 48 hours.
For more details on picking up your rider or cancelling a request, please watch the short video below