Use your + Vehicle to increase your hourly earnings

Turn your wait time into paid time. Switch to your + vehicle when you aren't getting UberBLACK or UberSUV requests

Partners earn 16% more when using their '+' option vehicle more than half of their time online


Your primary vehicle only makes you available to receive Black and/or SUV requests.  Did you know that you can increase your hourly earnings by using your secondary vehicle and accepting uberX and uberXL requests during peak hours?  

Here are a couple of other great reasons to start using your '+' option:

  • Over 85% of all completed trips are uberX, uberXL and uberPOOL requests. Higher demand means less waiting and more time earning
  • CEOs, professionals, and students alike all use the uberX product
  • When uberX is surging, you can earn as much, or more, per trip as you would with your Black and/or SUV vehicle
  • You will still be able to receive Black and SUV requests on your '+' option

It's easy to switch. See below for details how. 

How to switch to your '+' option vehicle:


1. Tap 'Account' 

2. Tap 'Change' on your Vehicle

3. Select your TLC license plate '+' option

4. Go online.




* You can always switch back to your non '+' option vehicle if you wish to only receive Black and SUV requests.

Have any other questionS?

One of Uber's goal is to ensure earnings for partners remain strong.  If you have any other questions about how to increase your earnings using your secondary '+' vehicle option, you can reach us directly by emailing us at