All documents must be current and uploaded to for your account to remain active. We will also be sending messages to all partners with missing documents. Please check your dashboard to make sure your documents are uploaded and up to date to avoid deactivation.

The following are required documents to remain active:

DMV License 
FHV/TLC License 
Copy of Current Vehicle Owner's Registration Card 
Insurance Certificate/FH-1 Insurance Card 
Current Liability Insurance Certificate 
Additional Insurance (Required if your name is not listed on the FH-1 or Certificate of Liability) 

*The Proof of Background Check (NJ Commercial ONLY) is NOT required for New York City partners. You do NOT need to submit this document.


STEP 1: Go to and login with your username and password. Your login is the same username and password as you use on the Uber phone. 

STEP 2:  Click the 'Profile' and 'Vehicles' tabs on the left side of the screen where you see a number in a red box. Under 'Profile', you do NOT need to upload a 'Proof of Background Check (NJ Commercial Only).'


STEP 3: Click the 'Update' link for each missing document and each vehicle.

STEP 4: Click the camera image and add a picture of the document. Make sure it's well-lit and not blurry! Add the expiration date and click 'Save' link.



If you're having trouble, you can send an email to and attach a picture of each document. Again, make sure it's a well-lit photo that isn't blurry! Please note that it will take longer for your documents to be reviewed by the Uber team if you email them in. It's best to follow the instructions above.