We've asked our top partners to share some of the things they wish they knew when the started.

"The Uber App navigation is a great tool to help you find the most efficient route. Before starting my trips, I confirm the destination address and ask the rider if they have a preferred route. If they do not, I use the in-app navigation by pressing the arrow on the top left." - Ray L.

"Know the common routes in the city, and if there's unusual traffic or construction, patiently explain that to the customers. Keep your car clean and be friendly are always important!" - Abdul A.


Should I follow the GPS or rider's directions?

Some riders may have a preferred route to their destination, while others would like their drivers to choose the best way. Since every rider is different, we suggest that you ask the rider, at the beginning of the trip, if he or she has a preferred route.

What should I do about tolls?

We reimburse you for tolls paid while on a trip (with a passenger in your vehicle). Please read more about paying tolls on our Fares, Tolls, and Payment page.

What should I do if the phone dies or if the app crashes during a trip?

For any unexpected technical issues before, during, or after a trip, we suggest that you email us with detailed information including the trip number. If appropriate, we can adjust the fare as neccessary. Because Uber is designed to be a cashless experience for customers, it is best to let Uber handle it and not ask the customer for cash.

I had a bad experience with a rider - what can I do?


You may provide feedback by rating the rider, or submit a report through the in-app support by selecting "I had an issue with the rider" (Click HERE for more details).

While these kinds of issues are rare, it's important that we know about troublesome riders so we can address the problem.

Note: Your safety and privacy are important to us, and your personal information will always remain confidential in the event that you report any issues with an Uber rider.