at citi field: one of nyc's largest events - high demand expected


Festival Hours and Peak Times

  • The festival is taking place at Citi Field, and will run on Saturday and Sunday, 1pm -11pm

  • Long trips back to the city and Long Island are expected

  • We expect trip requests to peak as riders head home during these times:

    • Saturday: 9pm -12am

    • Sunday: 8:30pm -12am

  • Note: See map below for pick-up locations. You will not be able to pick up riders from Roosevelt Ave

Citi Field Map and Pick-up Locations

Here are some pro-tips:

1.  Riders will be unable to request a pick-up on Roosevelt Ave, and will be directed to walk to 126th St.

2.  Avoid waiting on 126th St unless you're going to pick-up a rider.  Use the side streets (34th - 39th Ave) and Willets Point Blvd to wait for a request.

3.  Feel free to contact your rider if you have any questions about the safest and easiest pick-up location

4.  As always, make sure to verify the identity of your rider to ensure you're picking up the right person