A rider let us know hat you started and ended a trip without them actually getting in the vehicle. We realize this might have been a mistake, but the rider was charged for the minimum fare of the trip, instead of the cancellation fee This is frustrating for riders. 

How can I improve? 

The best way to avoid such complaints is to only begin the trip after the rider gets into the vehicle. Should you mistakenly start the trip before this happens, please write us an email as soon as possible so we can adjust the fare immediately. 


Watch the video below on tips on when to call your riders 

Note: we expect some negative feedback over time for all our partners as this is the nature of the business! 

If you believe you received this complaint unfairly, don’t worry. We’ll only take action if we see a pattern of undesirable behavior. Again, the purpose of this message is to provide you constructive feedback to help you improve.