What does Did Not Drive Directly to Pickup mean? 

A rider observed in the app you did not drive directly to their pick up location.  Whether you were stopping for gas or attempting to run an errand, your rider was picked up later than they expected.  

Riders love Uber because they are able to push a button and get a ride quickly and reliably. Going online means you are available to actively accept trip requests. If you need to finish something else, please go offline. 

How can I improve? 

The best way to avoid the ‘Did Not Drive Directly to Pickup’ complaint is to drive directly to the riders pick up location. You should also go offline if you are not ready to immediately drive to a pickup location.

What’s next? 

To refresh your knowledge on Uber’s best practices, check out this refresher course: 

Note: we expect some negative feedback over time for all our partners as this is the nature of the business! 

If you believe you received this complaint unfairly, don’t worry. We’ll only take action if we see a pattern of undesirable behavior. Again, the purpose of this message is to provide you constructive feedback to help you improve.