A rider let us know that that you requested a tip for their trip. Uber is a completely cashless app and asking for cash can confuse and frustrate riders. All riders will be charged for trips through credit card payment once the trip is completed. We are able to adjust fares after the fact if you email us in and let us know something happened.

How can I improve?

The best way to avoid such complaints is to not ask for payment. Note, if a rider offers you a tip, you should remind them that tipping is not necessary, however, if they still insist, you can accept it - you earned it!   



Watch the video below to refresh your knowledge on Uber's payment system

Note: we expect some negative feedback over time for all our partners as this is the nature of the business! 

If you believe you received this complaint unfairly, please don’t worry. We’ll only take action if we see a pattern of undesirable behavior. Again, the purpose of this message is to provide you constructive feedback to help you improve.