This month only:

✓ $1,00 sign-on reward

✓ $6,000 first month guarantee

✓ Rent a car for free*

What is a tlc license?

A TLC license is a commercial driving license issued by the TLC (Taxi and Limousine Commission).  

There are several hoops to jump through and several requirements necessary to obtain this license (full list available here), but you can get them all out of the way quickly and painlessly by attending a 1 day session at the Uber office.

How do I get one?

Start today and Uber will help you every step of the way. The whole process should take 4-6 weeks. Once you're driving, you'll be able to set your own schedule, drive when you want to, and have complete control over your hours. Uber offers an unparalleled balance of earnings and flexibility. 

Get on the road to better earnings today. Schedule a free introductory session at the Uber office below, or take it online


✓ Get a TLC-required medical exam (FREE)

✓ Get a TLC-required defensive driving course (FREE)

✓ Get help submitting a TLC application (if you haven't done so already)

✓ Learn about how Uber works and how to get an Uber-ready vehicle


✓ Go to your TLC appointment for drug testing & fingerprinting

✓ Take a wheelchair training class (FREE)

✓ Take a TLC-mandated training class


✓ Upgrade your DMV license to a Class E/CDL

✓ Submit an online TLC FHV application

If you don't finish these, come to your appointment so we can help.


Your driver's license (this is required)

Your upgraded Class E license/CDL (if you have it) 

Print-out/email confirmation of online TLC FHV application (if you submitted it)

*For each week of your first four weeks with Uber, beginning the Monday 4AM after your activation date, be logged in online in the Uber app in New York City at least 50 hours, 15 of those hours within the following periods: Mon-Fri 6AM-9AM, 9PM-12AM; Sat 12AM-1AM, 10PM-12AM; Sun 12AM-3AM, 10AM-3PM. Maintain 1.3 trips per hour. Trips per hour (TPH) is calculated by taking your total number of completed trips in a given incentive period divided by the total hours that you were online during that same incentive period. Repeat trips with the same riders will not be counted toward your completed trips for the guarantee. Maintain a 90% acceptance rate over all hours driven. Acceptance rate is calculated by taking the total number of trip requests that you accepted during the incentive period divided by the total number of trip requests that were sent to you during that same incentive period. Maintain a completion rate of 50%. Completion rate is calculated by taking your total number of completed trips in a given incentive period divided by the total number of trip requests that you received in the given incentive period. Qualification parameters reset at the beginning of each new weekly incentive period. Guaranteed amounts are weekly net fares, based on hours online per incentive period. Net earnings are net of Uber service fee, Black Car Fund, and sales tax. We reserve the right to withhold or deduct payments that we determine or believe were in error, fraudulent, illegal, or in violation of driver terms or these terms. Guarantee available for a limited time only. Terms subject to change.