Submitting Your Online TLC Application

In order to drive with Uber in New York City, you need a TLC (Taxi and Limousine Commission) license. The first step is to complete the TLC application.

The TLC application

New York City requires Uber drivers to have a TLC license. Before you can do most of the license requirements, you need to complete the For-Hire Vehicle driver application. The TLC charges an application fee of $258 (this covers the price of the license for three years), which you'll earn back quickly as soon as you start driving with Uber. 

2 Ways to submit your tlc application


1. Visit an uber office

The easiest way to start the TLC licensing process is to visit an Uber office. An Uber expert will help you submit your TLC application, as well as help you set up the next steps: taking a free medical examination, scheduling your free defensive driving course and learning how to switch to a Class E license.


2. SUBMIT it Online

We encourage applicants to schedule an office appointment and complete the application with an Uber expert, but applicants do have the option of completing the application on their own. Visit the TLC website, select "Apply for New License" on the righthand side, then click "Driver" for application type and select "For-Hire Vehicle License".

If you choose to do it on your own, make sure you SAVE YOUR TLC APPLICATION NUMBER (see picture below) because Uber and the TLC will request it later on.

TLC App Screen Shot

In addition to copying down your TLC application number (you NEED this to complete the rest of the license requirements), we recommend either printing the page or taking a screenshot/picture of it. This page is called the Payment Receipt and Checklist page — it will be the last page you see after submitting your payment.

All done? Here is Your next step...

After you submit your application, your next step is to schedule your free defensive driving course and medical exam at Uber.