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In order to drive with Uber in New York City, you need a TLC (Taxi and Limousine Commission) license. It's a pretty simple process and we're here to help you every step of the way.

5 Easy steps to getting a new york city tlc license

*You can do steps 1-4 in any order


1. Create a FREE Uber account

add text. (or come to the office)


Let Uber help you get started.

In addition to filling out a For-Hire Vehicle application, the TLC requires all applicants to have taken a defensive driving course within the last 3 years and to have been examined by a doctor within the past 90 days. Uber offers both the defensive driving course and the medical exam for FREE.

The easiest way to begin the TLC licensing process is to schedule a free one-day session at an Uber office, where you can get all of the initial requirements completed in a single visit. We'll even give you $250 just for coming into the office and signing up with us. //Re-word. 250 card

*We encourage partners to complete the application with an Uber expert while at the office, but partners do have the option of completing the application on their own. If you choose to do it on your own, make sure you print your application after you submit it and then schedule your free defensive driving course and medical exam at Uber. //Re-word to make sure person writes down TLC application # (57....) -- final landing page ---> payment receipt and checklist page


If you have a New York state driver's license, you'll need to upgrade it to a Class E license (or a CDL). This can be done by filling out a form and dropping it off at the DMV.

If you have a license from New Jersey, Connecticut or Pennsylvania, you don't need a Class E license but you will need an abstract. Information on how to obtain that can be found here.

If you have an out-of-state license, you likely do not need to change it, but you will need a certified abstract from your state's DMV. Requesting an abstract from your state is easy.

4.  do "part b" of the application //re-name

Once you complete your TLC application online, you will be able to schedule your drug testing and fingerprinting appointments. You will also be able to send your documents — via email or fax — to the TLC.


You're almost done!

After completing Part B, you'll need to take a Wheelchair Accessibility Training class (it's free at Uber!) and the FHV / 24-Hour course (we recommend LaGuardia Community College).



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