Lease to Own a TLC vehicle

LTO with prices as low as $290 per week.

All vehicles have TLC plates and insurance included in the price and you can start driving within 2 days.


2015 Hyundai Sonata   $290/week LTO

$295/WEEK LTO 

$299/WEEK LTO 

2015 Nissan Altima
$300/WEEK Lto 

2015 Toyota Camry $319/week LTO

2016 Toyota Camry $339/week lto

2016 toyota camry $350/week lto

2015 Toyota Camry $350/week LTO

2016 hyundai sonata $369/WEEK lto

Representative Sample of Lease Terms:

Financing and discounts available in NYC and NJ through participating lenders. Uber does not provide financing. NYC partners must have an active TLC license. NJ partners must pass their background checks before applying for vehicle financing. Vehicle financing is not currently available in CT. To qualify for this program, you must sign a “payment deduction authorization agreement” with Uber under which you agree to make your weekly vehicle payment pursuant to the terms of that agreement.

If you have good credit and still want a discount on a new car just visit for a list of participating dealers/local dealers.

Down payments for commercial lease-to-own or rental vehicles from participating dealer partners start at $0 down. Lease to own contracts vary between 104-185 weeks. Residual values for leases vary from $1-$750. First week payment and down payment may be due upon delivery. Please consult a participating dealer/local dealer for more information on pricing and terms. A deposit may be required for rentals.