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Licensing drivers with the TLC


In order to operate in NYC, you need a TLC license

It is against TLC regulations to pick-up passengers in New York City without a TLC license. Any partner who wants to drive with Uber in NYC will need a TLC license. Apply for one here

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Licensing your vehicle with the TLC


Your vehicle will need TLC plates. 

It is against TLC regulations to pick up passengers anywhere in New York city UNLESS you have TLC plates and your vehicle is affiliated with a base.

If you have an eligible vehicle that you want to drive with Uber, you'll need come to the office for a New Vehicle Application

Affiliating your vehicle with one of Uber's bases


Your vehicle will need to be affiliated with a base.

If your vehicle already has base affiliation with a black car base, just make sure you have a valid diamond card.

If your vehicle doesn't have a base affiliation (or is affiliated with a livery base), come to the office to speak with an Uber representative.

Adding drivers to your vehicle's insurance policy


Anyone driving a TLC-licensed vehicle must be listed on the insurance policy.

If your vehicle is on an Uber base, we can write you a letter which authorizes an insurance company to add a driver to an insurance policy. If your vehicle isn't on an Uber base, you'll have to get a base letter from whichever base it is on.

Every person driving a TLC-licensed vehicle MUST be listed by name on the insurance policy.

WE Can help you with your vehicle and insurance paperwork at our office

You MUST bring copies of the following documents to your TLC appointment.

If you do not have all  these documents, your application could be delayed by 3 more weeks.

  • Social Security card of the vehicle owner
  • State Drivers License of the vehicle owner
  • DMV Registration or Title or Bill of Sale or Leasing Agreement
  • Insurance Card (FH-1) and Insurance Certificate
  • If you are a corporation: filing receipt and IRS Tax ID Sheet

Missing any of the above documents would result in a need to re-request the TLC appointment and could delay you 2-3 weeks.