License Requirements

In order to drive with Uber in New York City, you need a TLC (Taxi and Limousine Commission) license. It's a pretty simple process and we're here to help you every step of the way.

3 simple steps to getting a new york city tlc license


1. Create an Uber account

It takes only a few minutes and you can do it online or at an Uber office!


The easiest way to get started with the TLC licensing process is to schedule a free one-day appointment at an NYC Uber office. At the office, you'll:

  • Talk one-on-one with an Uber expert who can explain the licensing process and answer any questions you might have, including what promotions are available and how to get an Uber-ready vehicle.
  • Submit the online "For-Hire Driver" TLC application with the help of an Uber expert.
  • Schedule your free defensive driving course and take the TLC-required medical exam for free.
  • Learn how to change your DMV license to the required Class E license.