Sending Your Docs to the TLC

Applicants need to send copies of their DRIVER'S LICENSE, DEFENSIVE DRIVING CERTIFICATE and MEDICAL EXAM to the TLC.

sending your documents to tlc

The TLC requires applicants to send copies of three documents:

  1. DMV driver's license
  2. Defensive Driving certificate (with your TLC application number written on it)
  3. Medical exam (with your TLC application number written on it)

The easiest way to complete this requirement is to take a picture of each document (i.e. with your camera phone) and email it to the TLC. The TLC's email address is

You can also fax your documents to (646)-500-6923 or bring your documents to an Uber office for help.

I sent my documents. Now what?

Make sure you scheduled your fingerprinting and drug testing appointments. The next step for most applicants is to schedule their WAV class and their 24-hour course