What is Uber Car Seat?  

Uber Car Seat makes Uber accessible to more riders by enabling families to travel with young children.


How does IT work?

Invited partners will have the opportunity to attend a car seat installation onboarding run by a nationally-recognized safety organization and will also receive a high-quality car seat from Uber. After successfully completing onboarding, partners will be eligible to receive Uber Car Seat requests from families so they can travel safely with a young child. 

Participation in the Uber Car Seat program is optional for driver-partners.


Participating drivers will:

  • Earn $10 extra on Car Seat rides (Uber Car Seat minimum fare is $8 + $10 surcharge  = $18)

  • Receive a car seat from Uber ($200 retail value); a $40 deposit will be taken and can be returned once the car seat is returned. Alternatively, you may purchase the IMMI Go and bring the new car seat in the box with tags attached to the onboarding.

PLEASE NOTE, partners with a Lincoln MKT or a Green Taxi are not eligible to participate in the Car Seat program at this time.


Onboarding sessions take place at the Uber long island city office

Click here to sign-up for uber CAR SEAT!


Not sold yet? There's more!

It takes less than 60 seconds to install the car seat in your vehicle.
The car seats are easy to fold and to clean, and they store easily in your trunk:

Car seats go fast, so sign-ups are on a first-come, first-served basis. Register here: Uber Car Seat sign up