Some very important reminders:

1. Schedule: The onboarding sessions are held from 10:00am to 3:15pm.  Many invited partners received their date assignment by email. Unless otherwise indicated via text, please arrive on your scheduled date & time. 

2. Compensation: Uber will reimburse you $45 as an inconvenience fee. In order to qualify for this reimbursement, you must pass the final test with a Safe Kids technician.

3. Smoking: Smoking is highly discouraged while at the onboarding event. Any smell of smoke, whether on your person or in your vehicle, is grounds for disqualification from the training. We strongly discourage smoking at all times during the car seat pickup.  

4. Eligible Vehicles: Please note that uberX, XL, Black Car & SUV vehicles are eligible for Uber Car Seat. Taxi vehicles are not eligible to participate in the program. Partners with Black Car & SUV vehicles will receive Uber Car Seat requests only when logged into their + vehicle.

5. Family members: Please do not bring any children or other family members to the car seat pickup. We have rented the space only for Uber partners, so please leave all other friends and family members at home.

6. Time: Please note that the onboarding can take up to 1-2 hours and dependent upon successful completion of the final test.

The location is the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal Pier 12 Warehouse. The address of the terminal is Clinton Wharf, Brooklyn, New York. It can be a little tricky to find the terminal, so we recommend putting "Clinton Wharf" into your GSP. PLEASE NOTE THE ONBOARDING IS NOT AT THE 27-55 JACKSON AVENUE UBER OFFICE.

You can also see below for driving instructions.

Step 1: Arrive at this entrance

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 23.13.37.png

Step 2: Drive to Brooklyn Cruise Terminal entrance