Understanding UberPOOL

What is uberPOOL? 

With uberPOOL, riders requesting rides along similar routes will share the ride, so you can make 2+ pick-ups on 1 trip. For more detail, visit our FAQ PAGE.

How does uberPOOL benefit partners?

uberPOOL trips are longer, have less down time between trips, and help you earn money while you are on the way to pick up any additional riders. uberPOOL rates are the same as uberX rates, but uberPOOL fares average $16 higher than uberX fares when you pickup multiple uberPOOL riders. This is because uberPOOL extends the time you spend with riders in your vehicle, earning money. uberPOOL allows you to spend more time getting paid and less time waiting for trip requests.

  On uberX, partners don't earn money between trips

  On uberX, partners don't earn money between trips

On uberPOOL, partners spend more time on trips and earning money

On uberPOOL, partners spend more time on trips and earning money

How to use uberpool

We strongly encourage all partners to:

(1) Watch the brief video to learn the basics

(2) Review the uberPOOL tips for success

(3) Complete a short quiz

(4) Take a test trip

(5) Visit the FAQ PAGE


The video is also available in Closed CaptionSpanishArabic (العربية/عربي) , Armenian (Հայերեն), Korean (한국어) and Mandarin (国语).

(2) become an uberpool pro


  1. Accept the second pickup request as often as possible to maximize earnings
  2. Follow the GPS directions to take the fastest route and do more trips
  3. Wait only 2 minutes for the second rider - you can then cancel the trip and select ‘rider no show’ in the app to receive the $5 cancellation fee. This will reduce the wait time for your first rider and improve your experience
  4. Confirm with riders that they requested uberPOOL when they enter the car
  5. If 3 or more riders try to enter the car during the same pickup, cancel the trip and kindly let the riders know that they should request an uberX
  6. You can change the dropoff order for your riders by ending the trip early after the first dropoff by selecting ‘end trip’ in the trip details section of the app. At this point, you can continue with your second dropoff


For more tips, visit our FAQ PAGE.

(3) test your knowledge

(4) TAKe a trip